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    Photography is so much more than just "good pictures". Every man and his dog has a camera these days. Documenting a piece of your life with a camera, whether it's the day you take your vows, or the the photos of your one week old baby: these moments are sacred. Some never to be repeated. Choosing a photographer is a big decision that should be carefully considered.

    I focus primarily on family photography: from maternity, to newborns, to toddlers, to group family shots- I specialize in making the most of your treasured family moments, and giving the precious gift of photography to you.

    I am, myself, just a family girl. I married my knight in shining armour in 2001, and as testament to my love of family, we have 4 wonderful busy boys, and a sweet little daughter who is now in Heaven. I'm a little bit crazy sometimes (which the kiddos love in our shoots) and I love a good giggle. I am also mildly OCD and try to look on life with a half full cup. Preferably of sweet tea.

    But more than that, I am a professional. I respect both your money and your time- and I strive to inspire you with pictures that you love, and hold dear.

    It would truly be an privilege to be your photographer, and share a little bit of what I so love doing, to give you pictures of the people you love a whole lot.

    Photograph credit: Nicole Maurel of Lamplight Photography

Nel family

Meet Ava. She was so good for me. And she’s my assistant’s niece, making the shoot all that more special. Such a pretty little girl.. we had a ton of fun.

Naude family

So we missed the mark for a newborn shoot for little Ezra (newborn shoots are done in the first 10 days from delivery)… and so we did a nearly 3 month old shoot with him. I really love this age to photograph… they’re still so LITTLE, but are responsive- even smiling! And Ezra knew he was having a shoot- and pulled out all the stops for me! I also love how curious they are at this age… and Ezra has recently discovered his hands… and man! Those things are In-ter-est-ing.


Yes, that down there is NECK wrinkles! Right?! Don’t you LOVE them???

We had a Lion King moment… complete with a Milky Mouth.I love his sleepy eyes… can you believe he had a little suck on his dummy, and then just fell asleep in Daddy’s arms?!  And look at those gorgeous lips of his! I LOVE them!

August Spring Minis

So sporadically through the year, I offer mini shoots- a great cost effective way to update annual family pictures. These are minimum cost for maximum output. Here are some from August’s mini’s:


The Symes family:


The Taljard family:

The Heydenrych’s:

The Berkeley’s:

The Forrest Family:

I LOVE that Les has her eyes closed in the first picture- so much love right there!

Because a bunny ears photobomb is a must!

Ava and Nikki:


The Wilson kiddos:

The Barnard Family (It’s their second mini shoot… and just like the first one *last year* [how did it go so quickly?!?], we had a ton of fun.

And then some fun with friends:

Blane Maternity

Tarnah and Ray are expecting their first baby! And they don’t know what it is. I reckon it’s a girl, or possibly a boy. And you know what? I’ve got a 50% chance that I’m right either way! That’s pretty good odds:)What I am 100% certain of, is that it’s a baby. Yip, that I know:)

So we did a quick mini maternity shoot to mark the big upcoming Best Surprise In the World (aka delivery date). I’ve had 5 babies. And we didn’t find out the first two times, or the fifth time. And numbers 3 & 4 we found out. Which is better, you ask? Well, really, once they put that precious bundle in your arms, you couldn’t care less either way- all you know is that your perfect, precious baby, that You Helped Create (Right?? How Awesome Is That?), is here, and in your arms. And. It’s. The. Best. Day. Ever.

Here’s to your countdown Tarnah & Ray. I can’t wait to meet him/her!

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